Due to the nature of the event, only a limited number of spectators can be allowed on the trial grounds.

Access to the area is controlled and everyone's identity will be checked. Only pre-approved people will be allowed to enter.

If you would like to join us as a spectator, please fill out the online form, which will be visible on this page 1.-5.10.2022.

Organizers reserve the right to choose the spectators. Priority is given to those who organize or participate in retriever tests and trials, and those who hunt with retrievers.

Accepted spectators will receive a code of conduct by email latest on 16.10.2022. All spectators are required to buy their own lunch (30 €).

Please note that due to the avian flu outbreak, no spectators can be allowed to the event. Read more here: Cancellation of spectators due avian flu outbreaks in Europe