Cancellation of spectators due avian flu outbreaks in Europe

We had a meeting with the estate management Thursday 13th October regarding the risk of avian flu at ERC2022.

Avian flu situation has escalated quickly in Europe. According to information from the estate, avian flu outbreaks have been reported in 35 countries. More than 45 million birds have been killed.

Persons attending EC are typically active hunters and dog handlers. Many visit shoots and estates regularly for trials and picking up, and in a wide area. The risk of exposure to avian flu contamination for such a person is high. In favourable conditions the virus can remain contagious for a long time.

Gathering of people from many European countries to estate grounds poses a risk for a contamination. The estate follows official regulations and principles of cautiousness and self-monitoring. This matter is bigger than just one estate, it concerns whole society and all of Europe.

Veterinary experts have been consulted, and they have listed measures to minimize the risk. One item on the list is minimal attendance to the trial.

We will have the field trial, but due to risk of avian flu, no spectators can be allowed to the event.

We are very sorry for inconvenience caused by the late cancellation.

An email with more information and spectator fee refund instructions has been sent to all registered spectators.

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